The Renaissance in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is referred to as "The Garden of France" and the Cradle of the French Language, It is said that "The Loire is a Queen and Kings have loved her". Indeed, the Loire has been the home of Kings since the 10th century. From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, the Kings and Queens of the Loire Valley championed intellectual and artistic creation. Let's travel to Chenonceau designed for one of the most famous women in French history, Diane de Poitiers, Favorite of Henri II and Rival of his Queen Catherine Medici.  

Then, we will visit Amboise & the Clos-Lucé where Leonardo Da Vinci lived till his death in 1519 and learn about his Art and relationship with the King Francis Ist.

Finally, let's explore Chambord, the largest chateau of the Loire built for King Francis 1st, with 440 rooms and a chimney or turret for each day of the year.